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The Nanoscience Centre

Cambridge University nanofabrication and characterisation facility

Studying at Cambridge



Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

The Cambridge Nanoscience Centre houses a LEO GEMINI 1530VP FEG-SEM system, a scanning electron microscope which uses a very fine electron beam for imaging micro and nanoscale objects. It can be used in imaging as well as EDX mode for local elemental analysis. It has inlens, secondary electron and quadrant back scatter detectors. It has a field emission electron source. Electron beam energy can be varied from 200V to 30KeV. It can also be operated at variable pressure.


FEI Titan Krios Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

The Titan is the first and only S/TEM designed to fully realize the benefits of corrected S/TEM. Aberration correction breaks through the fundamental optical limitations of magnetic lenses, but requires equally fundamental changes in system design to achieve the stability required for ultra high resolution imaging and analysis. The Titan's extra wide column was specifically designed to give the mechanical stability required due to the added height of probe and image correctors. Its proprietary constant power lenses and advanced power supplies provide the necessary thermal and electronic stability.

Park Systems XE-100 (AFM/SPM)

The XE-100 low drift automated step and scan AFM is the perfect tool for non-contact use in materials science, polymers, electrochemistry and other applications in nanoscience and engineering.