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The Nanoscience Centre

Cambridge University nanofabrication and characterisation facility

The location and GPS coordinates are as follows:

Nanoscience Building GPS Coordinates
11 J J Thomson Avenue 52° 12' 35" N
West Cambridge 00° 05' 41" E
CB3 0FF Elevation 22m above sea level

The Cambridge Nanoscience Centre is situated at the West Cambridge site of the University of Cambridge. The Nanoscience Building is just located on the northern perimeter of the Cavendish Laboratory.

Travelling by car
In order to avoid the busy Cambridge city centre, it is advisable to arrive from the west by leaving the M11 at Junction 13 (northbound).

Please note that Junction 13 cannot be reached from the M11 heading southwards. If you are driving southbound on the M11, use the roundabout at the next junction (Junction 12) to turn around and head northbound, then leave the M11 at Junction 13 and continue to follow the instructions for northbound traffic.

After leaving the M11 at Junction 13, turn right onto the A1303 towards Cambridge City Centre. Continue along the A1303 (Madingley Road), for approximately 0.7 km, then turn right into J. J. Thomson Avenue.

Subsequently take the first left turn and follow the road past the Computer Laboratory and the CAPE building's fountain. At the end of the road, the Nanoscience Centre is on the right hand side, and parking is available on the left hand side. The entrance to the Nanoscience Building is via the glass doors opposite the car park.

Travelling by rail/bus/cab/foot
If you are travelling from Cambridge Rail Station, take buses CITI 1 or CITI 3 to City centre, Emmanual Street. Thereupon change to the Park and Ride bus 77 (heading towards Madingley Park and Ride) and stop at Conduit Head Road bus stop (near Merton Hall Farm) along Madingley Road. The bus stop is just past JJ Thomson Avenue, so walk back the way the bus has just come for about 100 m, then turn right into JJ Thomson Avenue.

The CITI 4 (used to be 8) bus travels directly to the University's West Cambridge site. As the bus turns left from Madingley Road into JJ Thomson Avenue, ring the bell and the bus will stop on JJ Thomson Ave. The bus fare for the CITI 4 is 50p to holders of the University card; however, the CITI 4 bus does not pass either the railway station or the bus station.

Once in JJ Thomson Avenue, take the first left turn. As you walk down this road (which is actually a continuation of JJ Thomson Ave) you will pass the Whittle Laboratory on your left. Carry on down the path and you will pass the Roger Needham/Microsoft building on your left. Keep walking and pass the Electrical Engineering Division (CAPE) building and follow the path round until you see a low squat building on your right (this is the Nanoscience Centre) which has a small car park situated opposite it.

The entrance to the Nanoscience Building is via the glass doors opposite the car park.

Direct to your mobile device

Scan the above QR code straight into your GPS enabled device.

If you are viewing on a mobile device you can just click here: Nanoscience Centre directions