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The Nanoscience Centre

Cambridge University nanofabrication and characterisation facility

The yellow lighting in Bay 1 is necessary for photolithography, so as to prevent unwanted exposure of photoresist to light of shorter wavelengths.


CRESTEC CABL 9000C E-Beam Lithography System

The Cambridge Nanoscience Centre offers access to a high-resolution electron beam lithography system, the CABL 9000C from CRESTEC Corporation Ltd Japan. CRESTEC is the world leader in high-resolution e-beam lithography tools. It is the first system to be installed in the UK. The CABL 9000C is a highly sophisticated electron beam lithography system with a beam diameter of 2nm and line stitching accuracy of 20nm.


Obducat Eitre Nano-Imprint Lithography

Individually or in combination with e-beam lithography, the Obducat Eitre NIL system can be used for large-area device nanofabrication. Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) is an emerging lithographic technology that promises high throughput patterning of nanostructures. With NIL it’s possible to achieve sub-10nm resolution features over large areas. NIL can significantly simplify the production of nanostructures using a wide variety of materials. NIL intrinsically has better dimensional control that can be achieved using conventional UV lithography.


Karl Suss MJB4 Mask Aligner

The MJB4 Mask Aligner from SUSS MicroTec is the perfect system for laboratories and small volume production. Easy to use and compact in size, the SUSS MJB4 represents an economical, highly flexible and efficient mask aligner solution for all kinds of R&D applications. It offers an excellent platform for researchers to develop new processes and technologies on a highly versatile, state-of-the-art mask aligner platform. Equipped with a reliable, high precision alignment and high resolution printing capability in the sub-micron range the MJB4 demonstrates a performance unsurpassed by any other comparable machine.

The MJB4 Mask Aligner is widely used in many lithography applications, e.g. MEMS, optoelectronics, power devices, medical devices and many more. The MJB4 offers customized solutions for handling standard and non-standard substrates, like fragile compound semiconductors, glass, foils, as well as warped and perforated substrates. A variety of chucks and mask holders are available as an option that can be easily adapted to the process required.


Karl Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner

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Wafer preparation

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