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Dr Michelle L. Oyen

Dr Michelle L. Oyen

Reader in Bioengineering

Office Phone: 32680


Michelle L. Oyen is a Reader in Bioengineering in the Mechanics and Materials Division and the Bioengineering research group in the Cambridge University Engineering Department, where she has been since 2006. She holds a B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering and an M.S. Degree in Engineering Mechanics, both from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. degree in Biophysical Sciences and Medical Physics from the University of Minnesota. She is also a Fellow in Engineering at Homerton College, Cambridge.  

Research Interests

biomechanics, biomaterials, mechanical behaviour of materials, indentation and nanoindentation, hydrogels and hydrogel composites, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomimetics, science of reproduction, microfluidic devices

Key Publications

  1. Oyen ML, Nanoindentation of Biological and Biomimetic Materials, Experimental Techniques 37 (2013) 73-87. 
  2. Shapiro JM and Oyen ML, Hydrogel Composite Materials for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds, JOM 65 (2013) 505-516. 
  3. Oyen ML, Mechanical Characterization of Hydrogel Materials, International Materials Reviews 59 (2014) 44-59.
  4. Butcher AL*, Offeddu GS*, Oyen ML, Nanofibrous hydrogel composites as mechanically robust tissue engineering scaffolds.  Trends in Biotechnology 32 (2014) 564-70.
  5.  Oyen ML, Nanoindentation of hydrated materials and tissues, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 19 (2015) 317-323.