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The Nanoscience Centre

Cambridge University nanofabrication and characterisation facility

Studying at Cambridge



bay_1.pngThe Nanoscience Centre's cleanroom facility is available to industrial partners as well as academics. The main lithography area is class 100 and the rest of the cleanroom is divided into three class 10,000 areas. The class number refers to the maximum number of particles bigger than 0.5μm or greater allowed in one cubic foot of cleanroom air. The cleanroom is equipped with state-of-the-art high-resolution e-beam, photo and nanoimprint lithography equipment.

Our nanofabrication equipment is state-of-the art, and we use e-Beam lithography tools to either directly define structures, or to create master-stamps for nanoimprint replications. We also have an FEI 200 ion-mill tool to create individual prototypes, and a fully equipped materials deposition line, along with exposure, and etch capabilities and a fully equipped analytical laboratory with SEM + EDX and Focussed Ion Beam for cross-sectioning. Finally, we use our probe station and scanning probe microscopes to electrically and mechanically characterize our devices.

We can offer the following services to commercial clients:


link_arrow.png If you would like more information on any equipment, usage costs or access please contact us.